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I help grow your business with smarter marketing

Hey There, I'm Ethan.

I have a true passion for business and am obsessed with learning.

When I am not focused on how I can grow your business, I am usually learning a new song on the piano or going for a hike with my dog. 

How I Help Grow Your Business

My proven process for helping businesses produce better results

Learn Your Business

My first step is to get to know your business and sales process. My goal is to become an expert at selling your product or service by fully understanding what problem you solve for your consumer. I do this by learning what your product or service is, how you are currently marketing it, and finally how leads get turned into sales. 

Create A Strategy

My next step is to create a customized marketing strategy catered directly to your business to fully capitalize ROI on your marketing spend. I focus on creating automated marketing systems that can provide consistent results to your business by getting the attention of your target industry and nurturing them into your sales process.

Implement For Growth

I then implement your new marketing strategy focused on driving down the cost of operation and driving up the rate of conversion. With advanced campaign tracking I will consistenly improve your acquisition cost by fully optimizing your marketing between web content, social content, email, and paid social advertising.

Website Design & Development

Creating a brand experience for your customers

Your website is the foundation of your business when selling online. With my full-stack development certification I can build your website from scratch with HTML, CSS, and JS. Or I can design your website using popular platforms like Wix, Shopify, or Wordpress. 

SEO Services
SEO Services

Search Engine Optimization

Putting your brand on the first page of Google

Ensuring that your website and all social platforms are fully optimized based on search patterns to help drive organic traffic into your sales funnel. For local services, creating optimized local citations and focusing on your listings to dominate against your competitors. 

Content Marketing

Attracting your industry to engage with your brand

Consumers are influenced to support brands by the content that they consume. Written, video, and creative content across your website and social media outlets are your top of the level funnel that brings in the most attention to your brand and leads into the rest of your sales funnel.

SEO Services
Lead Generation Services

Paid Advertising

Showing off your brand on the platforms that people pay attention to

I use paid advertising platforms to help spread brand awareness, drive consumer engagement, and convert prospects into customers. I use a data-informed approach to cater ads to the people that have already shown interest in your industry or brand to lower the cost of reach and grow the rate of engagement.

Lead Generation

Turning prospects into qualified buyers

I don't just market your products and services, I build an entire marketing and sales process that drives qualified leads to a buying decision. I help introduce new potential customers to the brand, nurture them into prospects, and then funnel them into an automated sales system. Smarter marketing is all about generating real results that drive your business growth.

Lead Generation Services

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